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“Mushrooms! The boy remarked as he followed his father through the bushes. “Lots of
them!” He added as he excitedly looked around.
“You need to know which ones are edible, come here?” His father called the boy who
rushed over towards him; squatting at a log and checking out the troops of fungi.
“How do we pick them?” He asked as he took off the quarter full basket from his back.
“Everything with spots on it is bad…” He started to explain, showing the excited child
who quickly learned; making several trips to the basket with hands full of mushrooms, returning
and keeping up with his father, who was moving about the place and pointing out what was
Straight into the basket which was a few steps behind his father, the boy threw down ripe
guavas from the big guava tree; helping fill it up as his father continued to dig into the ground
with his hands, and unearthing different types of roots.
Upon uprooting two handfuls, he turned around and walked towards the tree; placing the
roots inside the basket and turning to his son,
“I think it's time to go!” He said to the boy who was swinging about up on the tree.
“Now!” The boy asked in excitement.
“Now!” Insisted his father,
“We need to catch them before they get fully awake! Unless you don't want to…”
“No father! I'm coming!” he assured as he rushed down the tree.
While panting in a controlled fashion, the boy's legs sprinted on the forest floor. As he
quickly and carefully jumped over the rotting logs densely covered with green coiling plants,
rapidly dodging the trees, left and right, as he maintained his dangerously fast pace. O n his arms
and body, thick wet leaves slapped as he dashed between the bushes - which constituted the dark
green, dead silent side of the forest.
Suddenly, he made a well calculated stop; rushing his sight around the bushes here and
there; as his ears caught the noise of something rushing through the thick bushes up ahead -
focusing his sight on the sound and „following with his eyes' as it moved rightwards.
From the brown, furry quiver on his back, the boy quickly drew an arrow from the set of
three. Placing it against the long bow and pulling the white- feather fletching against the tight