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Covering his very strong, athletic, hard body, was a sleeveless, brown, pure leather coat;
helping warm his torso across which several healed scars were tattooed, together with the others
across his face, arms, and legs. While silently contemplating, he observed as glowing ash rose
above the fire towards the roof.
Dew was all over the healthy leaves and thick tree trunks; with a slight mist present in the
chilly air - through which the orange sun rays lit the waking forest filled with mixed sounds of all
kinds of birds, monkeys and insects.
Thick barked, well-spaced trees constituted most of the forest; with all kinds of thick
leaved, coiling plants attached as they crawled and climbed - extending all over the “carpet” of
orange, red, and purple leaves covering the entire forest floor.
On his back, the boy was carrying a big, square shaped basked on thick, furry leather
straps over his shoulders. Walking through the trees with his father; stepp ing between the several
red and yellow flower bushes, and over dead logs grown by ferns and colorful fungi.
“Over there.” His father said as he pointed at a small bush of small, upright plants;
walking towards them as the boy followed, squatting next to him while facing the bush.
“A-a-a-a. Watch it.” He stopped the boy from uprooting a plant.
“But its vegetable?” The boy wondered.
“It looks like-” pausing as he uprooted it himself, “- vegetable, but if you eat this, you lose
your mind, become like the monkeys. It's a poisonous weed.” He explained while throwing it
“They look exactly the same?”
“They sure do, you tell the difference by these,” He said while pointing out the very tiny
fruits under the actual vegetable leaves. “It's what you look for, see? These weeds don't have
them.” He showed him while uprooting a few; the boy observing and following as he uprooted
several more.
After gathering enough, they moved on through the forest; walking through some bushes
which were enclosing a small depression - inside of which were several decaying logs grown all
over with all kinds of mosses, ferns, and very healthy fungi - thriving alongside bright flowers,
dark green, thick grass, and armies of crawling plants.