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In total silence, Gob, Ob and Bod observed the big pot ones again. Standing in a curve on
the opposite side of Cob, they enjoyed the „aroma' of gorilla stew as Cob prepared it on the fire –
which was next to that of the silently disgusted Wildman preparing his banana s.
With his stupid smile, Bob's nostrils vibrated again – with his lips trembling slightly as
he quickly raised his left hand, scratching his right shoulder in true joy and pleasure - a natural
act that got the Wildman even more disgusted.
On the ground next to the dying fire, was the Wildman's pot; from which he was serving
his hot bananas on a fairly clean bowl. Just next to his fire, were Bob and Gob very carefully
holding their large, dirty bowls by the sides; waiting around their pot as Ob received his share of
hot breakfast from Cob; who with his full bowl of stew, stepped aside from the pot, not feeling a
thing as his large feet stepped on the hot wood the Wildman had used for cooking - walking past
him as he continued to serve his hot bananas.
Minutes later, the Wildman was facing the trolls as they enjoyed their stew; eating his
bananas while watching Ob and Bob sitting like monks ready to meditate. Observing with „hate'
as Bob carefully raised his bowl, his smiley lips protruding and vibrating as they opened slightly;
receiving the dirty, greasy brim with his toes twitching as he took a long, loud, „relaxed' sip.
An hour later, the Wildman was still angrily waiting for the trolls to finish gulping the
filthy stew. Done for breakfast, he was re ady to go. Aware that he would have to wait another
half hour until the big pot was done.
Later, the sun had fully risen. And out the clearing, they proceeded, loaded and ready for
hunting. On their waists, the Trolls carried huge mullets whose heavily folded heads were stained
with blood. And on their waists, they carried big, blunt, heavy swords and daggers; walking
alongside the complaining Wildman armed with a proper sword and dagger.