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“Pathetic.” He exclaimed to himself as he re-focused on his cooking.
On his „bed', Bob was sitting up, as the other trolls kept turning in attempt to hang on to
the escaping sleep.
“Get up „fellas'! It's morning!” The Wildman continued to interrupt their efforts while
cooking, with the trolls turning uncomfortably.
“You wa – a…” Gob tried to say something before sinking back into the partial slumber.
“That's right Gob! That's it! Time to get your belly up!” The Wildman insisted,
interrupting their sleep completely.
Close to the trees, were Ob and Bob, squatting while checking out the pots for left overs,
swiping with their fingers and licking the „pasty strew' from the previous day.
While turning his cooking bananas, Gob walked past in front of him. And on his
shoulder, was a stack of big, dry pieces of wood - which he threw down next to his and stood
“What the hell are they up to?” The Wildman asked Gob while cooking - referring to Ob
and Bob licking pots over on the other side.
“They're hungry.” Cob replied, while arranging the wood on the same site the older fire
“So they lick pots! –- Hey! Ob! Do you know we use them pots for cooking!” he shouted
at them, as they ignore him and continued with the licking spree.
“You probably have tons of worms inside those tummies! Can't even wait for proper
breakfast!” He shouted at them as they continued to ignore - seriously „cleaning' the pots with
their fingers.
Back into the clearing from the bush, Cob walked with the remainder of the dead gorilla;
the same animal whose limbs they had feasted on the previous night.