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“And then, it came. Tall as the mountains, black as night, glowing eyes red! As blood.”
“The beast of death!”
“The beast of death.” He answered his seven year old boy; whose eyes were open wide as
he paid absolute attention. “So massive a creature, that its steps would shake the very
foundations of the earth. So scary that it sent fear into the souls of men. Warriors, dropping their
weapons, women screaming, children Crying and running, all of them! Escaping. All of them,
but one. ”
“The boy?”
“The young boy. Standing alone, blunt sword in hand! Courage in heart! Facing the
charging towards him!” He paused as the boy's pupils enlarged a little more; as he kept starring
at him across the fire, face filled with both great expectation and fear.
“What happened?” He very curiously asked; as his serious- faced father slowly looked
down at the fire.
“That will wait until next time?” He replied after some silence. “Go to bed now.” He
The fire at the center was lighting up the one-roomed, fairly spacious hut. Whose well
finished mud walls were fitted with uneven but proper wooden she lves; stacked full with food
supplies - Roasted fish, roasted beef, reed baskets half filled with both „leafy' and „rooty'
vegetables, fruits, among other food stuffs.
On the ground under the shelves, were two „beds' on opposite sides of the fire - Low, flat,
wooden frames stacked with layers of softened, furry hides on which they laid. Along the rest of
the walls, were different types of tools and weapons: two, very furry, back quivers containing
several long arrows, two sharp daggers, two, wooden frame, recurved composite bows, baskets,
folded fishing nets, and utensils.
With his strong, hardened left hand, the serious man gently pushed a piece of firewood
further into the fire, feeding it as his son slowly fell to sleep. While holding his arms around his
knees, he watched the wood crack up into the warming flames.