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“Next time, ill cut off somebody's big toe!” The very hairy Wildman threatened the four
trolls. Which were about a meter taller than him – Huge, big mouthed, wide lipped, hairy beings
- with a facial appearance somewhere between a gorilla and a human.
“We were just trying to…”
“Get out of my way!” The Wildman shouted down one of the trolls called Cob, who was
trying to explain while cautiously mixing a pot of gorilla-leg stew.
“We just thought you'd like it like that you know?” Cob replied while salivating at his
stew, with his eyes dulling in wet appetite.
Really!” The angry Wildman stopped and questioned him. “Since when did a whole pot
of water make soup out of one rabbit!” He shouted at him. “You crazy shits!” He remarked while
turning away - into the bushes.
“Aaaah!” Cob appreciated the „aroma' together with two of his fellows surrounding the
pot: Bob and Gob - Equally dizzy with appetite, with their taste buds and saliva dusts triggering
at the site of the cooking meal - preparing their sensitive tongues and „wanting bellies'.
“Get the bowls.” Cob advised, almost ordering, as all the trolls stepped quickly towards
one side of the clearing; where several, very dirty, very greasy pots, big spoons and bowls were
heaped; grabbing one bowl each and rushing back to the pot which was still boiling.
The fire lit up the clearing, which was about the size of a medium compound; covered
entirely with red, orange, and yellow leaves - gathered by the trolls themselves - who were
enjoying gorilla stew around the pot, staying close just in case they needed to top up their bowls.
Back into the clearing, the barefoot Wildman walked while carrying a stack of wood. He
stopped and starred at Gob, who was sleeping on his back with his eyes opened halfway on top
of a layer of two, well made, furry hides.