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carpeted paths of the forest; carrying the same loads he had when he left that morning. “That was
great father! You killed a crocodile! I can't believe it!”
“Not the fishing exercise you hopped for was it?”
“No father! It was more than I expected! It was amazing! I want to come with you next
time!” He suggested as the house came into view against the orange, setting sun.
“But you saw how dangerous it was?”
“No! I want to come again! I want to walk on the very high ridge! I want to see water
exploding out of the earth! And learn how to kill crocodiles too!”
His said with his father laughing lightly as they approached the raised part of the forest.
“I'm serious father! I want to learn that too! So I can be strong too!”
“But you said you were strong already? Remember?”
“I am? But I want to get stronger?”
He said as he hurried his steps to catch up with his father's left arm; which was entirely
bandaged with a very soft piece of skin holding herbs that restrained the bleeding.
“Stronger?” his father asked,
“Way stronger! I want to be able to kill anything!”
He insisted as his father laughed while walking on towards the house.
“And then what happened father?” the boy, who was seated on his bed, asked while
starring at his father; who was seated on a stool on the opposite side of the fire, as he paused and
looked down at the flames.
“Death happened. Death.” He replied; as the boy sighed in some sorrow while still
starring at him.
“Time for bed now, get in before the monster comes to get you.” He said to him,
“Monster? I would take a sword and strike it like that boy?” He illustrated while getting
into bed, covering himself to the neck with the warming hide.
“Does it hurt?” He asked his father with some sympathy,
“Not that much.” He replied with a light smile, covering up the fact that it was
excruciatingly painful.
“Yes boy?”