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Why Worry About the Gradual Loss of our Liberties?

parliamentary democracy, and those most unfortunate countries taken over by communist
totalitarian rule.
Finally, and most importantly to his fellow Americans, Dave examines the disastrous
effects of so-called “Creeping Socialism” whereby socialist policies are gradually
undermining the freedom and prosperity that have been built up in America since the
founding of our country on principles of freedom. This book is well worth reading by
anyone who hopes for a free and prosperous future for America.
Frederic G. Marks
Kay Wood, my wife, for her patience, advice on clarity, and insight into relative
descriptions and applications.
J. David Wood, my son, for his patience and invaluable help in computer use, structuring,
and formatting.
E. Vincent Wood, my son, for his business background, his enthusiasm, his
entrepreneurial experience, and suggestions.
Jonathan Kohlhaas, stepson, for his business studies and applications, his encouragement
and suggestions.
Edward R. Annis, M.D., former President of the AMA and author of Code Blue, for
encouragement and valuable historical perspective.
Frederic G. Marks, LL.B., M.A., investment advisor, for his economic background,
review, his Foreword, and for his encouragement and support.
Jay Stuart Snelson, Director of the Institute of Human Progress, for his innovative ideas
and definitions of “win-win” and “win-lose,” and the extent of their usefulness, plus his
help in editing.
Andrew J. Galambos, author of Sic Itur Ad Astra, for his intellectual antecedence and his
philosophical innovations and insights.
Henry J. Grant, M.D., for background and incentive to learn in depth about alternative
political views.
Salvador Castañares, M.D., my first and dearly respected plastic surgery teacher for his
continued interest, suggestions, and encouragement.
Robert Howe, M.D., for his review, accurate knowledge of history, and encouragement.
My long-time friends: Jack and Joan Lavery for their review, suggestions, and
unwavering support.
My brothers and sister: Don C., Jr., D.D.S., Ph.D.; Calvin D., Ph.D.; and Marjorie W.
Richard, B.A., for their views, experiences, and encouragement.
Park Shore, Ph.D., for his positive critique and suggestions.
Mr. Brian W. Firth, for his professional editing and welcome suggestions.