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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

When the Sky People Came to Brooklyn (Chris T. Sun and the Monsters) Day 1

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Published: 1 year ago

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You may know them as the Oannes, the GökTürk, the Anunnaki or just the Sky-People, but they know us as the monsters and our fate has been is in their hands from our start in the trees, to the Egyptians, to the present day 2022. And now with the coming of the sixth Sun they have sent Chris and family to earth to decide if we are worth saving. Despite Chris’s wit, stamina, and humor, the child will get used and abused by the Monsters, but no one else can save them and along the way Chris will fall in love, embrace the fighting skills of the ancients and get help from unlikely sources and betrayal from the most trusted sources. Will the child take the job as savior to the monsters and show them how to love and fix their world? And if so, can he keep a force from destroying the Monsters that is even greater and more ancient than the Sky-People?


Carlos Rodriguez

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