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Viral Video Cash - No Investment

Table of Contents
Chap. Title Page
1. What is The Video Sense and how 3
can I use it to make money?
2. What do I need before I get started 5
with The Video Sense?
3. Finding freely available videos to 11
4. Uploading your clip to Google Video. 13
5. Uploading your clip to YouTube. 17
6. Adding your videos to your TVS 19
7. Making your own videos. 21
8. How to promote your videos. 23
9. Using the TVS RSS Feeds. 27
10. Using rare but popular topics to 30
increase your earnings.
11. How to market your own version of 32
this e-book.
11. Appendix A: Example video 34
12. Appendix B: Account Information Form 35