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Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series

“I don’t care if it causes World War III, as long as we get her back where
she belongs.” He turned his attention to the Valle Elders.
The Valle Elders glanced at each other and spoke, too softly for
Chevalier to hear.
“What are you doing about this? They attacked and murdered my guards
unprovoked and then kidnapped my wife!” Chevalier growled.
“Your wife?” Selest asked.
“Yes mine.” He turned his angry eyes to her.
“I thought she was bonded to Kyle.”
“You thought what I told you… carte blanche remember? She is my
wife, and she’s carrying my child.” His voice dropped a bit.
The Equites Elders turned and put their heads together, talking quickly
among themselves.
Leonid was the first to turn around, “What other lies have you told us,
“I told you what I needed to, to get my job done. My orders were to
observe Emily Russo and to discover if she held any extra powers,” he
reminded them.
“And I won’t discuss it in mixed company.” He glared at the Valle