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Unix OS Design - In Tamil

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Published: 1 year ago

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Understanding a Multi user Multi tasking OS like Unix is difficult. Such understanding is redundant for normal user. But for System Programmers and Emmbedding Linux / Linux a thorough understanding helps. I understood the difficulty and deviced a method to teach the students of System software school way back in 1998-2000. This method consist of concepts told through simple stories.It was a big hit among my students. I had a long desire to render the same in Tamil. The students of Engineering and Science might find this very useful



Retired Electronics Engineer, took to Spirituality after certain miracles in life, moved by poverty around the globe. Took to researching on ECONOMICS, POLITICS. Wrote several books with sort stories so that poorest of poor can understand. Only the poor and common man can change the world, Poor are poor because they do not have Learning & Thinking skills.

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