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Understanding the Laws of the Realms

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Published: 7 months ago

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Author: Norman Sabadi

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“Understanding the Laws of the Realms” brings to light the POWER OF TRUTH at its very best. Challenging man's weakness and error. The laying of the foundation of knowledge that there are many laws established by God that govern life. And everything that makes our world, both spiritual and physical whether it be past, present or future. This thought provoking book aims to reconstruct the way mankind has thought about life and about the God who created and owns all things and sustains their very existence by His established laws. The author uncovers the LAW OF TRUTH and man’s purpose to be a discoverer of His destiny and to fulfill his calling by the Truth of God. The Book also uncovers the face of evil; its true identity and purpose seeking also to unmask what laws the devil operates.


Norman Sabadi

Norman Sabadi was born raised in Papua New Guinea. He now lives in Australia with his family and is currently in full time ministry serving the LORD mainly in Australia. His desire is to see peoples' lives be transformed by the wisdom and power of God. Norman has had many powerful encounters with the LORD and believes that in time the fullness of God will be revealed to mankind if we are persistent in our search for God's best.

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