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Two Kyrgyz Women

Halida Rakusheva of Bishkek Center for Social Initiatives, Bermet
Moldobaeva, Jana Salieva, Sadyrbek Jesenzanov, Ulan Kerimbaev, IOM
shelter for victims of trafficking, NGO “Sezim”, Bubusara Riskylova, Cinara
Termecikova, NGO Nurzolber in Narin, Intimak for sharing with me his story,
Shaarbek Amankulov, American University of Central Asia for opening the
doors of its library, Gulbarchin Soltobaeva, and Zlatko Zigic, Chief of IOM
Mission in Bishkek.
Last, but not least, the numerous victims of trafficking I spoke with in the IOM
shelter for victims of human trafficking.