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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Tuesday and the Great Fire of Sydney

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Published: 1 year ago

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Tuesday is 25 and living in the worst fire storm in Australian history. She has a distinct feeling of unhappiness but can’t put her finger on why. She appears to be the only alternative frizzy haired woman in Bondi but this does not worry her so much as her bottom which appears to be getting larger than the rest of her. Her last remnant of security, her job, has been kicked out from under her by the latest minority – the white male. It seems living with Kookaburras exploding in the sky and farting camels in a State of Emergency is no match compared to finding your way in the world. As Tuesday struggles with a burning city, no electricity, and rationed water. There is evil afoot by the devilish Anthea, a mysterious temptress, whose Vaucluse mansion is guarded by salivating guard dogs.


Jessica Getty

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