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Trouthe is the Highest Thing

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Published: 1 year ago

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In the Franklin's tale, Geoffrey Chaucer tells us that "trouthe is the highest thing that man can keep." But what is this "truth?" It's not exactly the truth or troth. It is a virtue more complex than either. This book looks at Chaucer's use of the word. Chaucer also argues that it is a virtue and an emotion. An emotion now largely forgotten, but still felt by some people (notably artistic) probably by Chaucer himself. In a small way, it tries to bring back this lost virtue. This final addition adds slightly more documentation to the pre-release version.


Robert B. Waltz

Robert B. Waltz, BA, Physics and Mathematics, Hamline University, 1985. Editor, The Traditional Ballad Index. Editor, The Minnesota Heritage Songbook (Minnesota Sesquicentennial Project). Editor, The Gest of Robyn Hode (Loomis House Books). Author, Romancing the Ballad: How Orpheus the Minstrel Became King Orfeo (Loomis House Books). Author, The Bible In History (free e-book). Author, An Introduction to Braid Scots (free e-book)

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