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Tricks of Trade - Memories of a Rogue Lawyer

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Published: 6 months ago

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Author: Jacobus Kotze

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The author said in his other book Mean Streets - Life in the Apartheid Police "that it is never good advice to see a lawyer for they are only good at taking your money and give long boring explanations on why you do not see tangible results for your case." It cannot be denied that hard working honest folk was scammed out of money every day and especially foreigners in Africa. This book offers an unusual glimpse into that shady world. What you read here is not fiction, but based on the scams that happened to his clients during 15 years of seeking justice for them.


Jacobus Kotze

K is a legal professional with more than 20 years’ legal & management experience in South & West African jurisdictions. He obtained his B Iuris & LLB in 1997 from the University of the Orange Free State (Bloemfontein, South Africa) and was an admitted attorney in the High Court of South Africa between 1998 and 2006 after which he worked as legal adviser & risk manager for various companies in South Africa and Nigeria. Before that he was a member of the South African Police for six years. K was awarded the South African Police Medal for Combating Terrorism twice during his service years besides lesser awards. K is the owner of JKLS Africa, an exclusive legal consultancy specializing in legal risk reduction in African jurisdictions based in South Africa and a frequent speaker on legal forensics on Voice of America. His favorite pastime is Military History and particularly the American Civil War which he finds much less boring than law.

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