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Time Management for Mercenaries

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Published: 1 year ago

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Are you disillusioned with today's world, or is your future bleak? Do you hanker for the simpler times of the past? If that's the case, how do Travel, Adventure and Good Pay sound to you? Merely answer a couple of questions for me — can you handle a bow, a spear, perhaps a sword? Don't miss the opportunity I'm offering — join a mismatched team of men and women on an unthinkable journey to forever alter history — for better or worse. Come on! What's the worst that can happen? Sickness, death by misadventure, some mistake that drops you in the middle of nowhere, instant oblivion? Sure, those are possible, but look on the bright side. Well... No, I can't actually describe the bright side — a great deal of our project is confidential. But you do like adventure, don't you? And how's your attitude toward a bit of looting and pillaging?


Very good storyline, with well crafted characters, and no pseudoscience to explain the inexplicable. So, thanks for the black box here be magic approach. Appreciate the good read and look forward to more sci-fi from Dai.


Dai Alanye

Writer of romance, adventure and comedy suitable for adults and mature youths. Nothing worse than PG, and containing (so far) neither superheroes nor anything supernatural. Merely ordinary people like you and me, caught up in remarkable situations.

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