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Then a Sweet Trade was made (a Cuban Christmas Story)

Many years ago a little girl lived in the island of Cuba. Her name was
Maribel. One day she was looking at the old almanac on the blue door of her
mother’s kitchen. It reminded her, “Today is December 20, 1955,” She
jumped for joy. Maribel knew this was the first of many busy and fun days for
her family, friends and her. It was the beginning of the holiday season.
She swiftly ran to her grandparents’ house. As Maribel peeked into the
kitchen she saw her grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and her little sister
Clara. They were helping Adela, the family’s marvelous cook, prepare some
of the traditional desserts that were going to be enjoyed by everyone in the
family during Christmas Eve Dinner. Maribel knew this was the most
important family gathering of the year. It was so important that people
started cooking days in advance.