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The taming of the shrew

MacMillan and Co.
Print copy consulted: UVa Library, PR2753 .C6 1866
Prepared for the University of Virginia Library Electronic Text
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Library of Congress Subject Headings 1593-1594
English fiction drama masculine LCSH
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Dramatis Personae
*A Lord.
*CHRISTOPHER SLY, a tinker. Hostess, Page, Players, Huntsmen, and
*BAPTISTA a rich gentleman of Padua.
*VINCENTIO an old gentleman of Pisa.
*LUCENTIO son to Vincentio, in love with Bianca.
*PETRUCHIO a gentleman of Verona, a suitor to
*GREMIO, HORTENSIO } suitors to Bianca.
*TRANIO, BIONDELLO } servants to Lucentio.
*GRUMIO, CURTIS } servants to Petruchio
*A Pedant.
*KATHARINA (the shrew), BIANCA } daughters to Baptista.
*Tailor, Haberdasher, and Servants attending on Baptista and Petruchio.
[Scene: Padua, and Petruchio's country house.]