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The Word of YHWH

As the wind blows and the leaves fall, the signs of the times are here signaling the terrible
times to come. During these days, knowledge will not be found and wisdom will be like
a never-ending drought. This will only be the beginning of pains.
Unfortunately, the whole world is completely unprepared; not only because of their doing
but also, because of the doing of those who never sought to prepare them for the
inevitable event. Instead, these overseers went out of their way to make sure their
faithful would not even think to get started. Some have gone to the point of exchanging
words for swords, causing the greater part of the world to be the audience reluctant to
join the spectacle of this entanglement.
On the sidelines, men from the Academia cannot help to point at the circus Religion has
built and the show being made. Several have claimed that even the God of the Hebrews
is nothing but a chasing after the wind. Although their doctrine is based on an empty
premise, a convincing statement from them remains-one ironically adopted from a
Hebrew that resonates to this very day, “Religion is the opium of the masses.” This truth
has become so befitting that even religions preach that Religion is the harvest of what
man has sown.
In spite of this, Religion remains the accepted source of our confusion while, at the same
time, the accepted source of Truth. All too often we forget how this has been the plan of
the enemy who divided us with the circus before conquering us with the show.
The Puppet Show
To get a glimpse of our predicament, let us picture this circus from heaven’s point of
view. Below we see a series of puppet shows in the control of the master puppeteer.
Within each puppet show, we see the puppet master hiding behind the curtains running
the show. Then, when the music starts, we see the puppets helplessly dancing to the tune
of the show. These puppets are the individuals who, due to their unhealthy interest, chose
to tether themselves to the one who runs the show and, as a result, are no longer able to
control what they say or what they do.
Once we determine the meaning of these strings, we can easily conclude who is working
for the puppeteer and for the show. While we do this, let us move in a little closer to see
that as the puppets dance to the tune, we notice who is paying for the show!
Truly, the show they have been selling is the opium we have been buying. Unless we see
how we are part of this problem, we cannot be part of the solution. For as long as we are
partakers of this reciprocal system, the opium will not subside and our illusion will not
Consider this opium similar to rat poison, where the food component is to a truth and the
poison component is to a lie, and where every different rat poison contains a different