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The Wise Investor

would support one point of view and the other party
would be forced to give in.
Trade was so prevalent in the valley that no one
person could possibly support themselves in isolation
from the others. The threat of being cut off from the
trading system was enough to force the most ardent
complainer to settle his grievance.
It was a simple disciplinary system, but one that
was effective and did not require violence. It was at
one of these meetings that a new proposal was put
In was clear to everyone that land in the valley
was rapidly filling up. To counter this problem, a
suggestion was made that the valley should be
completely divided among the people living there.
Every part of the valley would be allocated to the
person who was currently using it.
Any land that was not in use would be retained
by the group and allocated to young families who
wished to establish farms of their own. Each person
would be given a written document, a 'title', showing
the land which was theirs.
They would be free to do what they wished with
the land, including trading part of it to another
person in return for grain or anything else of value.
Much discussion took place, and it was eventually
agreed by the majority that the idea was a good one.
Several families disagreed, however the threat of
being cut off from the trade in the valley was
enough to force them to submit to the majority
The system was set up as the man had
described, and each person was given a written
description of the land they owned. Buying and
selling of titles to land became a common
occurrence in the valley, as people required more or
less space to suit their needs.