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The Wise Investor

3.3 Government
John continued with the story.
“Many years had passed in the valley, and the
population had grown until there were people living
on every part of the land. Whole new families were
formed as each generation grew up and established
farms and trades of their own.
As the population of the valley increased, new
problems arose for the people. In the past, a young
couple would move from their parent's home and
establish a farm of their own.
However, land was becoming scarce, and
disputes over boundaries were becoming more and
more common.
Other problems were arising, too. The river, for
example, was the life-blood of the valley. Every
farm depended on the river to irrigate its crops and
provide water for the family. In the early days of
the valley this had not been a problem.
The river had always flowed with clear, crystal
Now, however, there were so many people living
on the river that it was becoming polluted. From
time to time, someone would dump rubbish into the
river, and incur the angry complaints from his
neighbours downstream.
These days, with so many people putting small
amounts of rubbish into the river, there was no
single person who could be blamed for the decline in
the quality of the water. It was a problem that the
community as a whole needed to address together.
The families were accustomed to meeting, once
or twice a year, to discuss among themselves any
problems that arose in the valley. At these meetings,
disputes were discussed, and generally the majority