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The Wise Investor

young man in dim bars and bright nightclubs, but it
was only in the park that he had found himself, and
learnt the exquisite joy of being alive. If the city held
the rhythm of human life, the ebb and flow of
people, then trees, flower and lakes held their soul
and their spirit. It was only here that John had found
Kate was deep in thought, contemplating the
things her grandfather had said. It was not a set of
facts that she had learnt, or even concepts, it was a
fundamentally different way of viewing the world.
She had never seen the world in this way before.
Suddenly, many confusing things became clear, and
Kate saw the simple wisdom and truth of John's
words. She turned to her grandfather, a peaceful,
relaxed expression on her face, and softly spoke.
"Tell me more, John. I want to know more."