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The Wise Investor

3 Our economic system
3.1 Basic concepts
Several weeks had passed since John and Kate
had last discussed finance. Each Sunday, they met
in the Park as usual, walked, rested and talked about
many things.
John insisted that Kate needed time to think over
the advice he had given her, and he needed time
himself to restore his energy.
„You must keep these things in perspective, you
know' he had said to her. 'Never too much thought,
and never too little'.
Although she had been anxious to learn more,
John had refused to say anything more on the
Over a few weeks, Kate became more relaxed
about the topic, and thought back over the things
John had said to her. She had implemented several
of his suggestions, and a few more of her own that
were in the spirit of the whole exercise.
Kate felt more optimistic and positive about her
finances and her future than she had felt for a long
Although she was not any richer, she was
certainly less worried, and that made the whole
thing worthwhile already. She was in control of her
situation, instead of floundering around like a
rudderless ship in a storm.
Kate's only worry was that John would never