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The Wise Investor

be on me."
"Bastard!" replied Kate with an affectionate slap
on the arm. "You can pay anyway for daring to
suggest it!"
John laughed. Typical of a woman to twist his
words and trap him in a no-win situation, he thought
to himself, but wisely he kept his mouth shut. How
he wished he had learnt to stay silent much earlier in
his life.
"Kate, my dear," he said becoming serious,
"firstly we should talk about wills. We all like to
avoid the topic, but as sure as the sun rises, we will
all die one day. It's simply a matter of when. If you
have people who you love, and I know that you do,
then it is essential to have a valid will.
Anyone with children should have a will.
Anyone with significant assets should have a
will. If you die without one, your money will be
distributed to your next of kin, but there can be
delays and extra costs.
Then, of course, your money may not be
distributed in the way you would prefer." John was
tempted to make a joke about Kate having a
boyfriend on the side, but thought better of it and
waited for Kate to speak.
"Very true, John," Kate said without humour. "I
have a will myself." Somehow, she did not feel the
same satisfaction she had felt about other issues,
and she was glad to move on. John was perfectly
relaxed and business-like about it, but to her it was
still a rather morbid subject.
"Besides a will," John said, "there is the issue of
insurance. Every situation is different, but I will tell
you my impressions from the things I have seen
during my lifetime.
First, every person who has dependants should
have life insurance. A married couple, where both