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The Wise Investor

John looked down at his granddaughter. She was smiling
like a little child, her face a picture of naivety and innocence.
'Sweet, innocent little child' he thought. 'How little you
really understand. If only you knew, if only you understood
how your life is used as a pawn in the games of the rich and
If only you saw how cleverly your own values are used
to make you slave willingly for others. If only you
understood the system, then you could be freed from it.'
John looked at his granddaughter, smiling openly at him,
waiting for him to speak. 'If only she truly understood.' But
she didn't. Still, perhaps he could teach her enough to make
her own life easier. Perhaps her ignorance was a blessing.
Perhaps he could teach her enough to have freedom, to have
independence and choices, to have, one day, wealth of her
He had failed to help others, and in fact had barely
survived the attempt at all, but perhaps this one last effort
would be worthwhile.
"Kate," he said to his granddaughter, "we have covered
personal money management. You have listened carefully,
and I can see that you have followed my advice. The other
major factor in financial success is the ability to invest your
money wisely."
"Tell me, grandfather," said Kate, unable to contain her
"Slow down, honey," John said with a smile. When all
was said and done, her spirit and natural enthusiasm bought
him a great deal of happiness and relief. "Just take it easy."
"Bastard!" said Kate, slapping him on that arm for fun.
"You know I can't wait to hear it!"
"Take it easy," John replied. "You know I can't resist
fiery women."
They burst into laughter and hugged, the tension broken.
It was a beautiful friendship, and one that they both relied
heavily on.
"Now, Kate," John said after they had relaxed, "there are