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The Wise Investor

to invest her savings wisely. She still had no idea of how to
achieve this, and although everyone she met was full of
enthusiastic suggestions, John was the only one she trusted
to steer her through the traps that she would inevitably face.
Kate had given up prompting him, to avoid the risk of
deterring him altogether, and hoped he would resume the
discussions on his own. She tried to avoid thinking about it,
but secretly she was scared that he would never say another
thing, and she would be left with unfulfilled hope.
One afternoon, as they sat on John's favourite bench,
Kate's grandfather fell deep into thought and said nothing for
a long time. Kate knew these moods of his, and relaxed in
the warm afternoon sun. He would speak, she knew, when
he was ready.
"Kate," her grandfather said slowly.
"Yes?" she replied hopefully, praying that he was ready
to discuss the things she desperately wanted to learn.
"Kate," he said again, "I have been watching you these
past few weeks. You have become more confident, and the
depressed air you had around you has lifted. There is still
tiredness, but you seem more happy and positive than you
have been for a long time." John looked across at his
granddaughter, waiting for her to confirm his observations.
"Yes," she said excitedly, "I feel much more positive now
that I have made these changes. Still, it is only a start."
"Very true, my dear, very true," her grandfather replied.
Again, he lapsed into silence for several minutes. Kate's
excitement began to fade, and she decided that he was not
going to say anything after all.
"As you say, my dear," John said suddenly, "it is only the
beginning. I can see that you have taken control of your
money, and it makes me happy to see this.
Even now, the future is looking brighter. However, if you
are going to have the freedom and independence we have
spoken about, there is far more you must learn."
Kate's excitement returned, and she realised that he was
going to talk after all. She beamed at her grandfather.