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The Wise Investor

2.6 Financial affairs
Although they had been sitting in silence for quite
a while, in a strange way John and Kate felt even
closer to each other than when they had been
In the quiet of the evening, without words to
distract them, they sat together. The air was cool,
but each of them felt a warmth inside, and they
were glad that the other person was with them.
"It has been a long afternoon, Kate," John said at
length. "Perhaps we should stop soon."
"Yes," Kate replied, "but you told me there was
more still for today. I would like to hear it all, John. I
am learning very much."
"Very well," her grandfather said. "Next week,
we will begin the journey to investment. For now,
there is only one more topic concerning your
personal money management we need to discuss."
"And what is that," said Kate, listening intently
once again.
"Handling your financial affairs," John replied.
"There are several more things you should do to
handle your financial affairs effectively and
Kate was a little annoyed at her grandfather.
She considered herself to be very responsible and
did not appreciate the implication that she was not.
John noticed the look on her face, and guessed
correctly what his granddaughter was thinking.
"Forgive me, Kate, if I seem to be talking to you as
a child. These are important issues, they are issues
for adults and issues to take seriously." He smiled at
her mischievously, and continued. "When I have
finished speaking, if you have already done
everything I suggest, the icecreams next week will