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The Wise Investor

Skills are an eternal source of income, a fountain
of money that never runs dry."
John's voice dropped slightly, and his tone
became cautionary. "However, skills are like any
friend, if you take them for granted, you will
eventually loose them.
Keep your skills maintained and up-to-date, as
you would maintain a valuable piece of machinery. I
have several suggestions for you.
First, keep up-to-date with changes in your field.
The modern world moves quickly, and skills will
become out-of-date if you are not prepared to put
some effort into training and keeping in touch.
Second, consider formal qualifications. It is
possible to put vast amounts of effort into formal
study, and receive little gain in return. On the whole,
however, formal qualifications are valuable assets.
You will learn a great deal, and qualifications are
one of the few things an employer can reply on
when assessing an applicant for a position.
Next, be prepared to branch out into other fields,
and learn new skills. A person with a wide range of
skills is more valuable than the sum of the skills put
She can apply all her talents to any task at hand,
and has a stronger chance of finding employment
that an unskilled person has.
The more you learn, Kate, and the broader your
skills, the more valuable you will be to an employer.
Don't forget, either, that I have spoken of skills, not
a paid career.
Kate, there are many documents that will pass
under your eyes during your lifetime, but few will be
as important as your resume.
Those few pages represent the greatest security
that you possess, and probably the greatest income-
producing asset that you have."