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The Wise Investor

out on many things, and a few years down the track they
have nothing to show for it. If you want to work extra hours,
I strongly suggest that you save the extra money, so that
your sacrifices will pay dividends for you in the future."
It was time for another rest. John had been talking for a
long time, and they had both become tired again. He
wondered whether he was going too quickly, whether he
should give her more time to think over the things he was
"How do you feel, Kate?" he asked.
"My head is swimming," she said quietly, "swimming with
new ideas. I never imagined that you would say all these
things. I simply thought you would give me a few tips, and
that would be the end of it."
John felt a bit put out. Perhaps he had done the wrong
thing, perhaps he was going too deep, saying things that
were better left unsaid. She was right; all she had been
expecting was a few hot tips.
"Don't worry, John," she said looking up at him. "I am
very grateful that you have taken the time to tell me these
things. It's all very new, I must admit, and I have never sat
down and thought about my finances in such a deep way. I
can see clearly now, that if you had just made a few
comments, instead of starting at the start, you would have
been wasting our time."
This made her grandfather feel better, and he decided
that it was the right approach after all. It had taken him a
lifetime, a very long lifetime, to learn the things he was
teaching Kate, and he could not expect her to absorb the
ideas over-night."
"Let's rest a little, dear," he said. "Let us sit in the cool
evening together. Let us say nothing, just enjoy being here."
They sat together in silence.