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The Wise Investor

1 Introduction
1.1 The Characters
John was in a particularly relaxed mood.
One of the benefits of old age was that he could spend a
few hours in the park on a sunny day, watching the wind in
the trees and the people walking by, without having to hurry
from one thing to the next.
It was a beautiful day. Cool, refreshing air blew through
the park and the sun shone brightly.
Everywhere he looked, there were trees, birds flitting
about and beds of brightly coloured flowers.
And people.
People everywhere, walking along paths, across the
grass, sometimes in groups and sometimes alone.
John breathed in slowly, taking the cool, sweet air into his
lungs, and watched. Everyone he saw, without exception,
had one thing in common.
They were in a hurry.
Such busy, busy lives John thought. It saddened him to
see them. Not one person look relaxed, not one soul strolled
in the morning sun. So many things missed, he thought, and
all because no-one had time to think, time to relax… time to
As he watched, one particular person caught his
In the distance, a lone figure walked towards him. It was
a woman in her late thirties, attractive in her own way, but
walking with the air of someone with problems.
She, too, was hurrying.
John watched the woman, and wondered what her
worries were.