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The Wise Investor

She, too, was hurrying.
John watched the woman, and wondered what
her worries were.
She had an average sort of figure, neither tall nor
short, a little slimmer than some but definitely not
She looked like a fairly sensible person, not
stupid, but not blessed with a sparkling intellect
Strange, John thought, as he watched his grand-
daughter approach, how different children are from
each other. There were always some qualities that
carried down through a family, and yet each child
was their own person.
Kate saw her grandfather as soon as she
entered the park. He was sitting, as usual, on
his favourite bench by the small lake. She envied
him in many ways.
He had time, time to relax and do the things he
wanted to do.
He never seemed to have worries or money
problems, and although she didn't know how much
money he actually had, she suspected it was a great
Well, she thought, he always does what he wants
to, travels when he feels like it, and lives in a
beautiful old home.
John's home was modest in size, but filled with
beautiful things.
Well, Kate thought, it may not be a classic
definition of wealthy, but it was good enough her.
As she came closer, Kate could see the soft
wrinkles on her grandfather's face, the slim figure,
and the relaxed, happy air he always had around
him. Kate often wondered about his life, how he had
learned the lessons that had lead him to where he
was today.