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The Wise Investor

live with what they have.
They complain from time to time, but in the end they just
adjust to their circumstances, and don't do anything to
change them. Whatever you do, and whatever your reasons,
be prepared to change. Have the courage to make things
different, to make things better.
Kate was impressed. Sometimes, she thought, John
displayed a real talent for speaking. She wondered where his
life would have lead if he had been more open, not as
secretive with his thoughts and his inner feelings. He was
one of the rare people who could capture the imagination
with his words, who could paint a picture with his voice that
startled the mind.
Kate felt a sense of power, a sense of hope and strength
that was unfamiliar to her.
She had, in many ways, imagined herself as a cog in a
massive machine, powerless to change her situation. This
feeling was fading quickly. "Tell me John," she said, "have
you any more advice on increasing my income?"
"Only this," he replied, "that you should look at every
source of income that is available to you. Specifically, any
hobbies or interests you have. If you are serious about any
hobby, there are usually ways to earn a small amount of
money from it. It may seem small compared to your job, but
remember that every dollar counts. If you ignore the part of
your pay that is spent on essentials, like rent or a mortgage,
then the amount left over, your 'disposable income', is often
quite small.
Even a small amount of extra income can increase your
disposable income quite significantly. It may be those extra
few dollars that tip the scales in your favour, so things get a
little better and a little easier each week, instead of staying
the same. You may even think about overtime, but I caution
you with this.
Many people work very long hours, but continue with the
lifestyle of spending everything that they earn. For these
people, their quality of life may become terrible. They miss