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The Wise Investor

2.5 Increasing income
Kate and John were sitting, once again, on John's
favourite bench in the park. They had walked along
paths, under the shade of huge trees and past the
still water. Sometimes the paths twisted and turned
so much that John felt he was lost in a peaceful,
enchanted forest. It was a wonderful feeling.
"How do you feel now, grandfather?" said Kate
"As the old black woman said to Martin Luther
King after a long rally," he said with a happy smile,
"'my feets are tired, but my soul is rested!'."
Kate laughed. He was a tough old bird, but she
did worry at times. She was relieved to see her
grandfather smiling and full of energy once again.
"Now, Kate my dear," he said with gusto. "We
have more ground to cover yet today. A subject that
is dear to your heart; increasing your income."
"Wonderful!" Kate said happily. "Where do I
"Relax, my dear," John said. "As I said before,
improving our income is a long term journey for
most of us. Like the race where the slow tortoise
beat the flighty hare, the one who takes steady
consistent steps wins the race in the end. First, and
most important, you must look after your skills and
career like an old friend.
Life takes us through many unexpected turns,
and your skills are the most valuable asset you have.
Money is also important for security, but the
greatest security of all is in having a broad range of
well cared-for skills. Unlike money," John continued,
"skills cannot be lost or stolen, they cannot be taken
by tax or inflation, and wherever we go, they are
always with us.