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The Wise Investor

"Don't get too excited, now Kate," said John. She did
have an emotional streak, and John had visions of her
charging into her boss's office the next day and demanding a
doubling of her pay. Still, her attitude had changed for the
positive in a rather dramatic way.
"It's good to see you being more assertive and confident
about the whole thing. Now, there are three steps to
increased income.
First, increase what you are worth. This is done by
improving your skills, experience and qualifications.
Second, get a clear and objective idea in your mind about
what you are worth. Don't underestimate yourself, as most
people under estimate what they are worth, but don't
become filled with pride and vanity and overplay your hand
You must be realistic.
Third, insist on being paid what you are worth. A little
give and take is required here, and it is rarely worth leaving
a job if the only reason is a minor increase in salary.
However, if you are paid much less than you could get
elsewhere, then it's time to leave. If your assessment of your
worth is accurate, then there will be someone who is willing
to pay you the full amount.
Of course, job satisfaction and enjoyment is critical, but
no person is indispensable, and no job is perfect.
Don't put up with something that is far below what you
could be doing. One final point on jobs, Kate. As well as the
pay, you should take into account the training and experience
you are receiving.
If you are receiving valuable training or experience, then
it may be worthwhile staying in a job that is not highly paid,
as the skills you are receiving will be invaluable in the future.
Above all else, Kate, be prepared to take action. The key
to financial success, and other success for that matter, is
willingness to take action.
Don't put up with a situation if you can do something to
improve it. Most people fail with money because they simply