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The Wise Investor

he was suggesting was a hell of a lot more
organised than anything she had done before, and
yet she could see that it made a great deal of sense.
Kate decided that it was worth trying, but she
still hoped that john would soon tell her how to have
more money, not just use the amount she already
had more effectively. Suddenly, a curious thought
struck Kate, a question that she felt would be very
revealing. "John," she said innocently, "do you
organise your finances in this way?"
John smiled, a smile of amusement, a secret sort
of smile. "My finances," he whispered softly, "are
complex enough to keep several people in full-time
Kate was shocked. Her head spun with a whole
range of possibilities and she was dying to ask more.
She looked at John.
He said nothing, just stared into space, relaxed,
with a slight amused smile on his face. Kate sensed
that she was wiser not to push, and she would have
to wait for another day. She sat while he rested, and
waited for him to being his next topic.