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The Wise Investor

2.2 Budgeting, provisions, saving
and investing
It was a sunny day, as it always was at this time
of year. Kate sat with John on his favourite bench in
the park. It was a week since they had last spoken,
and John looked relaxed and happy. Kate had been
a little worried after their last talk, for it had clearly
been a drain on her grandfather. Still, it was Sunday
again and he looked fitter than ever.
"I swear," said Kate with a smile, "you don't look
a day over fifty, John. If I was a single woman, I'd
be after you myself."
John laughed. "Flattery, flattery, my dear. I love
Kate was feeling good. Over the week, she had
thought about the things her grandfather had said.
Although it was just a start, and things had not really
changed yet,
Kate's whole attitude had shifted. She had
known John for many years, and she loved him
dearly, but she had never stopped to think about
how he lived his life.
After listening to him the previous week, though,
it dawned on her that he was rather a unique
person. He rarely complained, and when he did he
always took some action about the problem.
His life was his own, he controlled it himself, and
when something was not right, he did his best to
change it. The problem was not always solved, but
at least he had acted. In short, thought Kate, he was
never powerless, never a victim. For the first time,
Kate began to feel that she, too, could control her
future. She was optimistic and positive, ready for
action, and eager to listen. Kate thought more about