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The Wise Investor

discussions. Her fears were soon put to rest.
"The lesson for today comes from the book of Exodus,"
said John in a deep, solemn voice, reminiscent of Charlton
Heston's portrayal of Moses.
"Bastard!" said Kate, slapping him on the arm in her
traditional way. "First a gardening lesson, and now religion!"
John's face burst into laughter, unable to maintain it's
mock sincerity. "On the contrary, my dear, the topic is highly
relevant. The Jews' exodus from Egypt was a trying time,
and resources had to be allocated and managed very
carefully." Kate's face betrayed confusion, and John quickly
decided that a more traditional approach would be more
"Kate," he said confidently, "today we will begin with
budgeting. Have you ever had the feeling of receiving a
large bill, and not knowing if you will have enough spare
cash to pay it?"
"Of course not, John," said Kate with mock irritation.
They both laughed.
"Well, you won't ever have that feeling again. You may
not be any richer next week, but you will know that every
bill you receive can be paid on the spot. Believe me, Kate,
it's a very satisfying feeling."
"What's this all about?" said Kate, not quite following
"Its about budgeting," John replied. "Let me continue, and
you'll soon see. First, remember that most bills and expenses
are predictable. Yes, there are accidents, and cars break
down at random, but on the whole we know what is coming.
Insurance, electricity, the telephone and servicing the car all
come around at regular intervals.
It is well worth the effort of putting aside a fixed amount
each week to cover all these items. When you add up the
total amount that these things cost each year, you'll probably
have a heart attack."
Kate laughed. Often the bills seemed reasonable, but
when she imagined adding them all into one lump sum, he