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The Wise Investor

your investments may begin to produce so much
income, that you may not be totally dependent on
income from your work.
This is when the freedom begins to come into
play. Perhaps, one day, if you learn these lessons
well, your investments will be so strong and
profitable, that you will not even have to work at all,
unless you chose to for enjoyment."
Kate was excited. Finally, the things John said
were really beginning to interest her. She could see
the sense in what he had said, and she could see it
was a necessary part of the process, but the idea of
money coming in the door without any personal
effort sounded like heaven.
She determined that she would start to save,
even if it was difficult at first. She wanted to
manage her money better, so that she would have
cash left over to save and invest, and so she could
escape from the rut she had lived in for so long.
John was tired. It had been a long afternoon, the
sun was below the horizon and the daylight was
beginning to fade. "Another day, Katie," he said
slowly. "More talk another day."
"Thank you, " said Kate. "I am not worried any
more. I am full of energy, I can't wait to do the
things you have told me. Things are going to change,
I am going to change them." Kate beamed at her
grandfather. He suddenly looked old, she thought,
very, very old. "Let me take you home,
grandfather," she said softly. "Its time to go home."