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The Wise Investor

5.9 Taxation
Once again, Kate and John sat in the park on a
Sunday afternoon, and John prepared to speak about
money. It had been many months since they had
first begun, and the seasons had moved from spring
through to late winter.
It had been a long time, and a long journey of
discovery for both of them. John was tired. The
experience had drained energy from him, and
although the cool air and the beautiful, natural
surroundings invigorated him, there was something
missing. The sparkle that had been in his eyes had
faded a little, just a touch, but it was something that
he could not recover from.
Sometimes, they did not discuss finance for
several weeks while Kate thought over a major
subject, but even then the tiredness inside John
remained. It was almost as if he had permanently
lost something, as if some inner reserve of energy
had been used up and could never be replaced.
Still, though, he persevered, determined to finish
what he had started. Kate worried at times, and yet
she was very grateful to her grandfather and hoped
that he would finish the things he wanted to say.
He was, she realised, and old man. Not just
physically, either, but the strain and suffering of a
long and difficult life was clearly evident in his
nature. John sat back on the park bench, breathed in
deeply several times, and gathered his energy.
"Kate my dear," he said brightly, "we come to
one of the most boring topics that I must cover, but
an essential one just the same. Don't worry, for we
won't spend much time on this. I am speaking about