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The Wise Investor

You will only be hurting yourself if you over-estimate the
true value of the asset you wish to sell.
Choose a price that will be good for you, but do not try
and squeeze the last few dollars of value from the item. This
will only lead to delays and drawn-out negotiations with
buyers. Choose a price that is towards the high end of the
range of reasonable prices, but not at the absolute top. Make
sure you present the item in its best possible light.
I am constantly amazed Kate by the people who try and
sell things without even bothering to clean them properly and
fix minor faults.
Whether you are selling a chair or a house, always clean
it to within an inch of its life.
People are emotional creatures and the appearance of an
asset affects its price significantly.
Fix any minor problems with the item and present it in the
best surroundings and in the best possible manner.
Next we come to dealing with the potential buyers. Like
the situation where you dealt with a seller, the potential
buyer knows little about you.
You must realise that their impression of the product will
be largely based on their impression of you.
They can examine the item closely, but they have no
proof of its past and they have to base their opinion of the
product on what you tell them about it.
Be friendly and open when you greet the buyers. Do not
be overbearing, however, and let them examine the item in
their own good time. Relax, and give them all the time and
space they need to examine the item fully.
Give them a brief history of the item, and mention its
strengths. Also, mention one or two weaknesses and
disadvantages. Your best approach is to be honest and open,
and the buyer will sense this and have confidence in the
You should let the item speak for itself, and not spend too
much time praising it.
This annoys people and makes them suspicious. Wait