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The Wise Investor

would be in major trouble.
The building company, however, was very professionally
operated, and they were confident that they could complete
the construction within the set timeframe.
In fact, the agreements with their own workers included
bonuses and penalties that ensured a quick completion.
In this case, Kate, the builder offered the corporation
something that cost them nothing, but was very valuable to
the other party. In this way, they won the contract and made
a large profit for themselves."
Kate was listening carefully, and considering the
examples that John had given her.
"The point I wish to make is this Kate.
When you are negotiating, look for things that you can
give the other party or do for them that will be useful to
them, but of little bother to yourself.
This may be something monetary, such as offering to pay
for something in advance, or something intangible such as
being a good tenant or offering to accept extra
The best settlement to a negotiation is where both parties
get the things they need, and give up things they didn't really
Finally, remember to be calm, friendly but assertive.
Persistence has the power to level mountains, and if you
are stubborn and persistent then you are likely to get what
you asked for, even if people are just doing it to get rid of
Even if you are in a position of weakness, negotiating
with a stronger opponent, this does not stop you putting
forward win-win proposals, or nagging the other party until
they give in.
It is essential to decide what you want, what you think is
reasonable and morally right, and be assertive, sticking to
your guns no matter how much criticism or rejection you
If you persist, then in the end you will reach an