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The Wise Investor

5.3 Property
Kate sat on the bench and looked out over the
park. It was mid-winter now, and her breath
condensed into a mist that floated away on the cold
air as she breathed.
Children played in the snow and a thin layer of ice
covered the lake.
She though over the past few months. She had
never imagined that her request to John would lead
her down a whole new path in her life.
It had seemed a simple request, all she had
asked for was a little financial advice from a
respected and successful friend. Now, she had
learnt so much that her life would never be the
same again. It was more that just knowledge, too.
Kate had begun to view things in a different light,
to see success and failure differently and look at her
life in a new way. John's message was deeper that
just financial advice, it was a cry of hope, a belief in
a better future and a happier life.
Kate thought back over the journey they had
walked together, and she was suddenly infinitely
grateful that her grandfather had taught her so
much. She sensed that he, too, was happy in the
task he had undertaken, and had gained something
from their talks.
"Property," John said suddenly. "Today, Kate, we
will talk about property. We have already covered
the interest-bearing and stock market investments,
and this is the last of the three major sectors."
Kate's grandfather made himself comfortable on
the park bench, and settled down for a long talk. He
was used to their discussions now, and while he had
been nervous in the beginning, after all this time it