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The Wise Investor

"Oh," said Kate. It was a weak response in the
circumstances, but she couldn't think of anything better to
say. Kate decided it would be better to keep quiet and listen
carefully to what her grandfather had to say.
"Go on, John," she said with encouragement.
"First, let's talk about your income."
"Don't depress me," said Kate with a laugh.
"When we spoke last week," John continued, "you told
me your pay rise had been delayed. You were depressed,
and a little worried too. Think back to the last pay rise you
had, dear. How did it feel?"
"Wonderful," said Kate. "It wasn't much, but it was extra
money that I hadn't had before. It was a really good feeling."
"Now tell me," said John, "how did you feel three months
"Well, just normal," said Kate, a little unsure where this
was leading.
"So you weren't any richer," her grandfather continued,
"you felt the same. Sure, things were a little easier, but it
didn't solve your problems. In fact, your worries about the
future were probably exactly the same.
Your long term problems hadn't changed in the slightest.
You felt a little richer in the short term, but even that faded
within a few months.
You were back where you started, making ends meet
each week and each month. If the last pay rise made no
lasting difference, what do you hope to gain from the next
Kate was embarrassed. She had to admit that everything
her grandfather said was true. Uncannily true. Still, it made
her feel foolish. She worked hard for her money, and she did
what she could to make it last. Kate wished her grandfather
would change the subject.
"Don't worry, Katie" John said gently. "I know things are
difficult these days. You've done better than most. I know
you work hard, and I know you deserve every cent you
earn. I hope I can help you make the most of it."