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The Wise Investor

4.10 Protecting your wealth
Kate sat patiently on the park bench, watching
the soft light flicker through the trees and the ducks
swimming around on the lake. Spending time with
John required a certain amount of patience, as he
was a person who needed frequents rests from
Somehow, Kate believed that it was not just his
age that made him this way. When John spoke, he
put all his energy and thoughts into the conversation.
John was not a man who was prone to idle
Everything he said, he meant, and when
someone asked him a question, he thought seriously
before answering. This could be frustrating at times,
for Kate was a woman who greatly enjoyed
conversation. Still, she had learnt to grant John his
rests, and in some way she had even understood his
words more deeply through having time to
contemplate what he said.
John watched some small animals playing by the
lake. Their fur was soft and their tails bushy, their
faces petite and their claws sharp. They danced and
jumped, rolled over, and played about with each
other. It was a beautiful sight. John was very happy,
relaxed and peaceful as he watched the little beasts
scurry about. He wished there was no need to
speak, but he had promised to help Kate, and their
journey was only now reaching the point of practical
advice. John had begun to teach Kate, in the hope
of helping her improve her life, and he was not
prepared to leave the job half finished.
"Kate," he said eventually, "there is an important
topic which I have been considering, and now