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The Wise Investor

had ten years before, she could not really say that she had
built up a store of assets and wealth that gave her an income
and security.
"The next common mistake is a lack of planning and
organisation. Some people are highly organised in their
personal lives, and other are ramshackle and stumble from
one moment to the next.
Neither person is better, and a healthy balance of both
qualities can make a balanced and happy person. However,
when it comes to money, it is essential to be organised. You
must plan ahead and budget your money. This will not make
you wealthy, but it is an essential ingredient and the first
major step on the path. Without being organised, you cannot
achieve financial success."
Kate was becoming a little depressed. It seemed that she
had made every mistake in the book.
"Having made these mistakes," John continued with a
wry smile, "we come to the most insidious and destructive
mistake of all. This mistake leads to financial failure, and
also bitterness and an unhappy life."
Kate was intrigued.
"Many people blame others for their problems, and rely
on others to solve their problems for them. These two
attitudes will cause you to fail with money. Not matter what
problems other people have caused you, you are the only
one who can solve your problems.
You may not be the cause of all your problems, but you
must be the solution.
People may blame or rely on a parent, a husband or wife,
an accountant or a bank manager.
To succeed, Kate, you must take responsibility for your
own finances.
You are responsible for your own financial position, not
anyone else. You must take the initiative, take positive
actions and learn about money.
Only by learning and taking action will you achieve
financial success. Giving over responsibility to others, for our