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The Wise Investor

4.4 Assessing investments
Kate and John walked slowly through the park,
taking a different path to the one they usually
strolled along. It was a huge park, by far the largest
in the city.
One could walk for miles along the paths without
walking over the same ground, and at times Kate
feared they would become lost.
She sometimes thought that her grandfather
would see this as an advantage.
John, however, was never worried.
As they walked, she could almost feel his mind
relaxing, his soul being refreshed. He had seemed a
little distant lately, and Kate was worried that his
recent increase in energy may begin to fade.
Suddenly, as they walked around an unfamiliar
bend in the path, the couple came across a
magnificent sight. Kate was dumbfounded. John, as
one might expect, simply smiled, and absorbed the
beauty that met their eyes.
Directly in front of them was a huge glass
enclosure, filled with butterflies. Some were simple
and plain, ordinary butterflies that one might find in
the back garden.
Others were delicate and exquisite, the rich
colours of their wings sparkling like diamonds in the
bright sunlight. Kate was totally unprepared for such
a sight. They walked further, and entered into the
butterfly cage. Within the cage was a small bench.
John led Kate over and they sat down together.
"My God, John," Kate said in wonder. "Did you
know this was here?"
"I was only built recently, Katie," her grandfather
replied. "I have been spending quite a bit of time