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The Wise Investor

understand how you feel, Kate. All you really need to do,
though, is to spend an hour or two at the kitchen table with a
pad, a pen and a pocket calculator.
In a single afternoon you could look at all the issues I
have raised. You will be amazed at how writing it down on
paper puts all the figures and issues into perspective.
In all the hype and excitement of making an investment, it
can be very hard to keep a level head.
Don't worry, either, about how the other people invest.
Many people and their friends believe they have made
handsome profits in an investment, but if you did the figures,
taking inflation, interest on loans, expenses and tax into
account, often their profits are poor.
Others do make good profits, but it is a very hit-and-miss
For every man at the pub who brags about making
profits, there are ten others keeping very quiet about their
losses and drinking their beer in misery.
A careful, thoughtful approach is your best weapon
against chance and disaster".