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The Wise Investor

that will become very useful.
You are also busy, as I know well, but you still
have some time that you can devote to learning and
investigating investments.
Some wealthy people can afford to spend their
time on leisure activities, and may prefer to spend as
little time as possible considering investments.
If you save money in the ways I will show you,
then you will be making investments within a few
Within a year, you could even invest in property
or shares, and increase your wealth through
John had raised some interesting points that Kate
had not considered, but she still did not see how it
could work for her.
However, Kate had faith in her grandfather. He
was successful himself, and although she knew little
about the early part of his life, she knew that he had
never inherited any money and that he had made it
all himself.
"You speak about wise investment, grandfather,"
Kate said as she thought out loud, "but I hardly
know any more about investment than my young
children do. I don't have any qualifications or
experience, and I just wouldn't know where to start.
It's all incredibly complicated."
"The world of money and finance is very
complicated,” John began, “However, the principles
that govern it are very simple indeed.
I can teach you everything you need to know to
invest successfully.
The more you know, the better you will be able
to manage your investments, but the essentials are
very simple. Don't imagine, though, that because
they are simple that everyone but you understands
them. On the contrary, very few people seem to