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The Wise Investor

brown leaf.
Then the wings would slowly open, revealing the brightly
coloured splendour of the top surface of the wings. Kate and
John sat there a long time, relaxing in the shade of the
tropical trees in the butterfly cage, and watching the
colourful insects fly gently around.
Finally, they returned to their customary park bench. John
wanted to continue their discussions, and he explained that
he needed the cool breeze on his face to stimulate his
"The next step on the path," he said, relaxed now, "is the
assessment of investments.
When you are considering an investment, whether it be a
term deposit with a bank or the purchase of an investment
property, there are several things you should consider.
The overall aim is to ensure that the investment is a good
one, and that you buy it at the right time and sell it at the
right time.
The first thing to do is look for the best quality
investments. This particularly applies to assets such as
property and shares, but also applies to investing with
Don't put your money with an institution if you have read
worrying things about them. It's better to be safe than sorry.
By high quality, I do not mean the most fancy, expensive or
'exciting' items.
On the contrary, it is far better to choose a property or
share that is solid, reliable and will produce a steady income,
rather than one that is currently in fashion or has exciting
In investment, the word 'excitement' is usually
synonymous with 'risk'. Our aim is to have steady reliable
profits, not to take unnecessary risks.
Leave that to the professional speculators, Kate. When
buying a property, for example, choose one that is well built
and of common, reliable design. Avoid anything that is fancy
or unusual, as it would be harder to sell, and the profits may