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The Wise Investor

4.2 Gathering and assessing
John rested in the cool afternoon breeze while
Kate thought over his comments on wise
investment. She had listened to everything he had
said, and the sense in his words was undeniable.
Kate had never thought about her attitude and
approach to investment, and had never seen it as an
important factor in success.
Luck, skill, money and other factors has always
seemed more important. Now that John claimed that
this was the single most important factor, however,
she saw things in a different light.
After all, this was good news, as she could work
on changing her approach right away. There was no
need to wait for lady luck to come along, or depend
on qualifications and experience that she didn't
have. Overall, things were looking up.
"Tell me more, grandfather," Kate said. "I'm
quite excited now that we are finally talking about
investment. More money!" she said with a devilish
John smiled. There was always the slight doubt
in the back of his mind that Kate would tire of his
talking, and they would never complete the things he
wanted to say.
That would be sad, as he would have wasted a
great deal of time and effort.
"Kate, keep my comments about attitude in mind
while we are talking. It will be a constant theme
through everything I say. Next we will discuss the
gathering and assessment of information."
John adjusted his position on the park bench,
sitting upright and making himself comfortable. He