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The Wise Investor

1.3 Kate's doubts
Kate thought for a long time about the things John had
said. Although she desperately wanted the freedom, security
and time to herself that John described, she still couldn't see
how it could happen for her.
"John," she said in a quiet and depressed voice, "you
know I have very little money. I doubt whether I could save
anything at all, since there always seems to be another
unexpected bill when I least expect it. I am not a wealthy
woman, I can't buy properties or shares. Even if I managed
to save a little, it would never be enough to invest properly,
or make a difference to my income."
John had been expecting some doubts and fears from
Kate, and he decided to address each point as she raised it.
"Kate, I know that you have little wealth at the moment.
However, you don't need to be wealthy to invest your money
successfully. In fact, you actually have some advantages
over wealthy people when it comes to investment."
Kate raised her eyebrows in surprise
"I know that your money situation is sometimes tight,
Kate, and this has taught you to balance your money
carefully, and pay attention to your finances.
This is an invaluable skill that will serve you well in the
future. Wealthy people sometimes become lazy about
details, as they don't need to be careful with money in the
way that poorer people do.
They can loose their financial disciple, and this can lead
to making poor investments and paying prices for assets
which are too high.
Although you lack experience, Kate, you have learnt
some financial discipline and attention to detail that will
become very useful.
You are also busy, as I know well, but you still have
some time that you can devote to learning and investigating