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The Wise Investor

4 Principles of Investment
4.1 The successful approach
Once again, several weeks had passed since
Kate and John had discussed finance.
After each major section, John insisted on a few
weeks' break, so that Kate could digest the things
he had told her, and he could rest and enjoy the
The talks were helping Kate greatly, and John
enjoyed them too, but they were a strain on both of
them and neither person wanted to loose interest by
spending too much time on the subject.
It had been late spring when Kate had first
raised the subject of money, and they had talked
through many warm afternoons and breezy
evenings. Months had passed now, and the shadows
of the trees were beginning to stretch out as the
year grew older.
Autumn was John's favourite season. For him,
autumn in the park was the most beautiful of the
Occasional rain, but generally fine, blue skies.
There were many days when the air was cool, or
even icy cold, but sun was bright and the sky clear.
John loved the invigorating feeling of the cold air on
his face, and the comforting warmth of his coat as
he held it tightly around him. When the skies were
bright and clear, the air cool and the wind wild,
these were the times that he was happiest.
At these times, he felt young and alive, full of
energy and happiness. He enjoyed the warm