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The Wise Investor

3.11 The individual within the
The soft dusk light filtered through the trees of the
park. Even though it was midsummer, the air was
distinctly chilly.
Kate held her coat tight around her to keep out
the cold.
She looked at John.
The cold did not seem to affect him, and she
could still see the warm glow of fire in his eyes and
the relaxed smile on his face. They had been resting
a short while, as they always did after each major
topic, when John spoke again.
"Next week, my dear," he said like an excited
little boy, "we will begin the really interesting
This is when your hard work will finally start to
pay off, when you will learn how to manage and
reduce your risks, especially the greatest risk of all,
the risk of dying poor."
Kate could see that the topic excited him, and
she was anxious herself to hear what he had to say.
All the talk had been useful, but she was more
interested in actually having money so she could do
the things she wanted to do.
"Now, however, we must finish the things we
have been discussing these past few sessions. I
have tried to show you a little about how the world
works, how business operates, how the banking
system works and how market forces affect almost
everything related to money.
I am not trying to make you an economist, but
you do need a general understanding of how the