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The Wise Investor

is the use of your money to make more money. If
you invest your money in assets that produce an
income, such as properties and bank deposits, then
you will receive an income from these investments.
At present, this is probably insignificant in
comparison to the money that you earn from work.
However, wise investment is the key to your
financial future, and I will talk about this more than
any other topic."
Kate sat in silence, listening carefully to
everything her grandfather said.
“John,” she said, “we have touched on these
topics in the past. I guess that I never really listed
before though. I know that you've made suggestions
in the past, but I guess that I didn't want any
intrusion into my life.”
John remained silent.
Kate was right, he thought, his previous advice
had been intrusive, and he was sorry for not
respecting his granddaughter by trusting in her own
“However,” she continued, “whatever I am
doing at the moment simply isn't working. It's that
simple. And if you can suggest anything that might
help, I would be grateful.”
John continued.
"Well,” he said, “I will talk about money for a
while and let's see how things go.
There are three steps you must take to improve
your finances and increase your wealth in the
First, you must manage your money wisely.
Become more organised in your finances, and keep
a close watch on your expenses, your assets and
your debts.
I will talk at length about how to do this