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The Wise Investor

3.10 Foreign exchange
"Now, Katie, we come to a turning point in the
valley's history. This event would forever change
the lives of the people in the valley.
You will remember when the people first settled
there. Many generations had passed since they had
arrived, and the people had never seen any reason
to leave. When they arrived in the valley, they had
been travelling for months through dry and rocky
There was little food, and the people were thin
and malnourished. There could well have been
another valley, just as rich, beyond their valley, and
another one beyond that, but the people would not
take the chance.
The valley provided everything they needed, and
they did not want to risk being trapped in the desert
with little food or water. So much time had passed
since the people had first settled there that they had
completely lost their skills as nomads and bushman,
and had forgotten how to live off the land.
So, the people were happy to live in their valley,
and occasionally explore the fringes of the desert
that surrounded them.
As far as they knew, they were the only people
on earth.
One dark night, as the wind howled in the trees
and rain beat against the roves, a child was born in
the valley.
Years passed, and the child grew into a young
He was a strong young man, but restless and
unsettled. He explored every part of the valley, from
the high hills to the deepest gullies. It was a large
valley, but still it was not enough to satisfy him.
He began to explore the desert around the valley,